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How do I Fix “No Bootable Device” Error on my Acer Laptop?

Acer is a brand which is globally famous for developing and selling computer and related products. Although, customers usually don’t find issues as such, still there are chances of errors which are common to all technical devices. The company has been providing Acer Technical Support NZ for the customers belonging to the non-technical sections. This article provides the solution for “no bootable device error” which is one of the common errors that occur in all Laptops. If you too are searching for the solutions, then you just need to take the following steps depending upon the cause and refute your issue.

Common causes of the “no bootable device error"

  • Faulty or incorrect boot order
  • If the partition is not set as active
  • The failure of the hard disk also leads to the error

There are multiple solutions for boot error; we can try to change the settings of boot order, Reset the Primary Partition as Active and also try to repair the corrupt boot files in order to troubleshoot the error. Below are the steps that you can take if the Primary partition of your Acer laptop is not set as active.

  • Use the windows installation device such as DVD or USB flash drive and boot the laptop from this media
  • After booting you will need to move to the section System Recovery Options
  • Click on Command Prompt from there
  • Then, you will need to Type the command “diskpart” and press the Enter key
  • Next, you will have to Type “select disk 0” and then again press Enter
  • Type “list partition” after that and press Enter then Type “select partition 1” in the next section
  • Lastly, you will be required to Type “Active” and press the Enter key once more to finally change the settings.

The problem will be resolved if it is caused due to the partition settings but in case your issue is not resolved after the above-mentioned solution, then you will need to take further actions based on the actual cause of your issue. You are welcomed to call on Acer Customer Helpline Number 048879150 and talk to the technical experts to learn more solutions to troubleshoot the problem.

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