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How to Fix Acer Black or Dead Screen Problem?

Acer Laptops are best in performance as they have good battery backup. But one day when you turn on your laptop and you see the screen is BLACK. Many users confront this issue with their laptop after a particular period of time. It’s the main problem which can’t be avoided as it affects your work.

But fortunately, there are some troubleshooting methods provided by our experts of Acer Support to fix the issue of black or death screen of your laptop without taking it to repair center and spending a single penny. Just follow the instructions step by step:

  • Firstly, reset your laptop.
  • Turn off your laptop and disconnect all the peripheral devices on your device.
  • Now unplug the power cable from your device and remove the battery.
  • After taking the battery out the press and hold the power button on your laptop for about one minute.
  • Now plug the AC adapter and power cable to your device and insert the battery back.
  • Now hold down the Fn and the Esc keys together and with this press the power.
  • Now you will see unit’s power light comes on then you have to release both keys.
  • After the keys have been released the power light will start to blink.
  • Now let your device run for 5 minutes and you will see a proper screen.

If you still experience the problem or want to ask something related to the laptop, then give us a call at Acer Tech Support Number 048879150 . You will be guided in an appropriate manner to comprehend the issue and you will get step-by-step instructions from our executives to understand the criteria to solve such issues. Our Support team never delays in service and provide an instant solution to any error.

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