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How to Fix “Consider Replacing Our Battery Error” in Acer laptop with Windows 7?

The fault “consider replacing your battery” is common to most of all windows laptops including Acer. Most of us have faced this error once in a while. If you too are facing the same situation, then you should not get stressed as it does not necessarily mean that your laptop is faulty. Microsoft has taken the responsibility that there is a bug in the product offered by them. Acer Customer Support has still tried to help their users by providing a solution to the problem. They have offered some steps by which you would be able to troubleshoot the issue.

Follow the Process to Remove the Error

  • First of all, you will have to search for the battery icon in the lower right corner of your device
  • Click on this icon and then select “More Power Options” from there
  • It will launch a list of various plans, click on the “Change Plan Settings” option
  • Select “Change Advanced Power Settings”
  • You will then need to locate and expand the Battery tab
  • Open the Low battery level to change the level to 7%
  • Set the Critical battery level to 5%
  • Now expand the next tab named “Reserve Battery level” and change its percentage to 4%
  • After changing the levels you will have to scroll down to expand the tab for “low battery action”. Select the option “do nothing” for this
  • The do nothing setting will prevent the error in windows 7 and other operating systems under windows
  • Open the Critical battery action tab after this and set “hibernate” as the “on battery” value

Request Acer for further solutions

Acer has provided these steps in order to eradicate the bug. We hope that you will be benefitted with them but in case you find them irrelevant, then you can simply talk to the experts about it by dialling the Acer Technical Support Number NZ 048879150 . There you would be able to talk to the engineers, who will provide further solutions based on the problem you are facing

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